5 Construction Site Safety Tips to Ensure Workers Stay Safe and Healthy

5 Construction Site Safety Tips to Ensure Workers Stay Safe and Healthy

Accidents in construction sites are inevitable. The threat to the health and wellbeing of workers come from numerous sources – like, equipment failure, exposure to toxic substances, electrocution, working at heights and more. If you follow newspaper reports, you will discover that more than 77 deaths have taken place between 2012 and 2015, though these are official figures. In a subcontinent like India, most of the deaths and accidents go unreported.

On a good note, the grievousness of the matter has finally impelled the project developers and managers to implement certain comprehensive measures towards ensuring worker’s wellbeing on-site. Below, we have mentioned 5 effective tips on construction site safety curated keeping in mind the health and safety of workers.

Implement a Fall Protection System

Falling from heights is one of the biggest factors contributing to worker’s death and injury across India. The construction companies need to work in this domain. They have to invest in safety equipment, like helmets, fall protection harnesses, full face shields and chemical splash goggles – after all, taking adequate precautions beforehand can save lives and reduce injuries.

Hire Professionals for Scaffolding Jobs

A substantial portion of construction jobs is performed in scaffolds. Quite obviously, the workers face more risk of falling from heights or getting electrocuted. This is why the authorities recommend that all scaffolding jobs should be done by trained professionals who are proficient in specialized safety equipment. This includes how much load can be carried while working on the scaffolds.

Also, scaffolds should be designed in a way to offer maximum footing for the workers. They should be entirely planked and placed away from electric power lines.

Provide Adequate Training for Workers

Most of the workers are hired from rural India. They lack proper educational background and are mostly inexperienced in using safety gears. That’s why they must be chosen wisely and be updated about all the necessary safety precautions and how to operate machinery properly. They deserve an encompassing training before they start working in a factory or construction site.

Prepare a Written Hazard Communication Program

Often, workers are not well-informed or lack knowledge about the health hazards prevalent in the construction sites. For them, it is important to read and learn material safety data sheets. This will help them prepare better. Enlightenment is the key to reduce the accident rates in construction sites.

Don’t Recruit Underage Workers

Employing underage workers or those who are suffering from poor health conditions is a criminal offence and for the right reasons. This leads to a tough screening process for workers; they need to go through a lot many stringent procedures before being employed. This is a common recruitment standard that is nowadays followed by all major construction and infrastructure companies.

Today, the Indian steel industry is evolving. Many infrastructural and steel manufacturing companies are coming forward and specializing in their product offering. They are also implementing new safety standards and measures for the overall wellbeing of their workers. And why not! After all, safety in the workplace should be of prime importance.

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