TMT Bars are the backbone of any real estate construction and constitute approximately 10% of the construction cost. They support the load of slabs, beams, columns etc. making it essential for any construction. Evidently, one can safely conclude that a wrong choice in the TMT segment i.e. the 10% cost component may lead to a … Continue reading “CHOOSING THE RIGHT TMT”

Is the Summer Too Intense? Easy Cool Down Hacks

As spring takes a quick exit, enters the summer season. The latter is distinguished for being hot and humid throughout the Indian subcontinent during the daytime, with little respite in the nights. With the warm season intensifying each day and the monsoon being far away, you must be looking to keep your house less of … Continue reading “Is the Summer Too Intense? Easy Cool Down Hacks”

Want to Flip Houses? Here is your Guide!

Many may need to flip houses, and for this, one must guarantee that their construction is secure and full of valuable add-ons. Hence, there is nothing like opting for the best steel manufacturing companies India for the other structures/add-ons in the house. It will not only ensure a successful flipping venture but also keep the … Continue reading “Want to Flip Houses? Here is your Guide!”

Coronavirus: Indian Steel Industry Can Gain From The Global Outbreak

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the globe affecting over 200,000 persons with around 8,700 deaths reported to be caused by the Covid-19, businesses and economies are being adversely affected in an unprecedented manner. Governments are hurriedly issuing advisories, announcing fiscal packages and banks are assisting in whatever ways they can to curb the fallout … Continue reading “Coronavirus: Indian Steel Industry Can Gain From The Global Outbreak”

5 Ways of Construction Within Your Budget

A construction project is a huge venture consisting of different stages. Besides, it is one of the ideas which demand a considerable amount of time to ponder over it before you actually go for it. Moreover, you also need to keep things in your budget because more often than not, an unplanned construction can push … Continue reading “5 Ways of Construction Within Your Budget”

5 Best Interior Design Trends in 2020

With the onset of the year 2020, you must be anxious to grab what’s new and nothing is better than renovating your rooms according to the trend. We hope that you have already secured your house with the best TMT bar manufacturers in India because it is the only thing that is constant. However, you … Continue reading “5 Best Interior Design Trends in 2020”

Steel To Abate Operational CO2 Emissions

Steel has been a significant metal all along the time. It rose to prominence soon after it was discovered. It was iron which dominated the market but with the strength, flexibility and the overall efficiency that steel began to emanate, it didn’t take much time for the later to replace iron. Besides, with the growth … Continue reading “Steel To Abate Operational CO2 Emissions”

TMT Steel and How They are Made: An Overview

Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars or the TMT bars have been increasingly popular right from their inception. They are distinguished for their tough outer crust, beneath which sits the soft inner core. This is why they are an instant hit! The HYSD and TOR bars, which have been the ancestors of the new TMT bars, have had … Continue reading “TMT Steel and How They are Made: An Overview”

Steel Prices Are Climbing Up, But Why Is It Rising?

Steel is a necessity in the world of today. Now with the best steel manufacturers in India, it is certainly peaking its demands. However, the price of steel is ever-changing, the rise of which adds to our woes. The crude steel production has increased by 7% but still, it hasn’t been enough to quench the Chinese … Continue reading “Steel Prices Are Climbing Up, But Why Is It Rising?”

Curious About Bar bending Schedule? Know All About it Here!

TMT bars are an integrated structure of the construction of today. Though steel has been forever useful ever since it came into existence, with the discovery of the TMT bars, it has been truly indispensable. If you have a construction in mind, it is essential to plan, design, estimate and choose the building materials wisely … Continue reading “Curious About Bar bending Schedule? Know All About it Here!”