We manufacture Beams (H Beams and I Beams), Channels, Equal Angles, Round Bars of various sizes and diameters as per IS specifications and customer choice.



Chemical Composition
Chemical Symbol % Limit % Variation
Carbon C 0.10 – 0.23% 0.02
Manganese Mn 0.40 – 1.5% 0.05
Silicon Si 0.40 – Max 0.03
Sulphur S 0.05% – Max 0.005
Phosphorus P 0.055% – Max 0.005
Physical Properties
Material will be supplied in killed (A1) condition with limiting carbon equivalent 0.42% Max
Minimum Yield Strength 250 MPa
Minimum Tensile Strength 410 MPa
Minimum % Elongation 23
Nominal Dimensions of Rolled Structural Sections
IS 80
Weight tolerance on per m length Channel and beam
Upto 200 mm depth +4%, (-) 1%
Other sections ±2.5 %
Length Range 10 m to 13m

Customised length could be supplied based on supply terms and conditions

Length Tolerance ± 250mm
Size Tolerance/Weight Tolerance As per BIS Standard IS 1852
Grade of Material As per IS 2062, E 250 A

Sections in Cu – bearing steel and higher grade material could be supplied based on supply terms and conditions

Weld ability Weld able with common M.S. electrodes without pre-heating
Marking/Identification of Product Every Structural Section is embossed (hot rolling) with size detail, ISI mark and Co’s logo/Mark along the length at regular intervals.
Ordering Information While placing an order, the following technical information would be needed:

  1. Size & length of each piece and quantity
  2. Steel specification with grade/chemical composition/physical properties
  3. Test certificates requirement
  4. Special Requirements if any
  1. Design Standard: IS: 800 or any other equivalent international standard for structural design.
  2. Dead Load, Imposed loads and Wind loads to be assumed in design as per specified in IS: 875.
  3. Imposed Loads arising from equipment to be assumed in design as per manufacturer’s data.
  4. Earthquake Loads shall be assumed in design as per IS: 1893
  5. Handlings Loads, Erection Loads, effect of temperature change and load due to settlement of foundation shall be considered as per IS: 800 stipulations.


MSP Structural undergoes rigorous quality checks, time and again, to guarantee finest products to our customers. High tech computer-aided testing equipment at its laboratories carries out all the tests accurately. The inspections ensure correct:

  • Chemistry
  • Casting
  • Strength
  • Hardness
  • Dimension Standards

Stages of checking and quality control receipt and checking of raw materials

The materials received from our Steel Melting Shops are tested for their chemical composition and surface defects. Only the accepted quality is forwarded to the heating furnace.

In- process quality checks

During casting, the temperature of the structural steel products is recorded at the time of entry into the structural mill till the finishing stand, which ensures optimum and controlled temperatures.