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MSP is one of the first company to set up a captive pellet plant, producing 9,00,000 TPA cost-effective iron pellets from superior quality iron ore fines through the benefication process for both captive and commercial use.

  • Manufacturing Process

Filter Cake (Iron-ore fitness concentrate) is received from the post benefication process. Other raw materials like Lime Stone, Dolomite, Bentonite, Coke & Coal is mixed with filter cakes in proportion as an additive and binder. Then the mixture passes through Pelletizing Discs to make green balls and then for screening are sent to the Drying -> Preheating -> Roasting process ina a coal fired rotary Kiln to make the pellets. The finished pellets are then sent for cooling purpose and stored.The undersized and oversized balls are sent to the crusher for the further pelletizing process.

  • Manufacturing Facilities:

Pellet plant at Raigarh works with production capacity of 9,00,000 TPA.

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