Why Steel Is the Future of Construction In India?

The Indian construction industry has drastically evolved since the 1990s – and gleaming steel structures are found cropping up everywhere, especially in the metro cities. The advent of robust technology and new concepts are the reasons behind such huge popularity of steel construction in India. For years, steel has been the best choice for constructing … Continue reading “Why Steel Is the Future of Construction In India?”

5 Amazing Tips to Curtail the Cost of Construction

The cost of construction is skyrocketing. A great divide exists between anticipated cost and actual cost – that eventually leads to faulty cost evaluation and later, project failure. The construction project can either be a residential or commercial property but the cost of construction is of crucial importance, especially in a country like India. Currently, … Continue reading “5 Amazing Tips to Curtail the Cost of Construction”

Indian Steel Companies Enter Into Defence Manufacturing Sector: Explained

More and more Indian steel manufacturers are foraying into the defence manufacturing sector. Essar Steel, for example, is the first Indian bigwig to supply special-grade steel to support operations for land and naval defence system of the country. Besides, Jindal Stainless Steel recently announced that it’s going to provide steel for India’s defence use under … Continue reading “Indian Steel Companies Enter Into Defence Manufacturing Sector: Explained”

Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel

Steel is one of the most significant construction materials used across industries. It dominates our everyday life. From refrigerators to automotive spare parts to surgical scalpels and what not, steel is used in almost every aspect of our living. Though the nature of steel is altered subject to specific purposes, the strength and durability attribute … Continue reading “Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel”

How to Make Earthquake-Resistant Buildings in India

Earthquakes are devastating. They cause tremendous damage to lives and properties; the culprit mostly being inadequate construction norms and procedures. The extent of damage during an earthquake depends largely on the construction practices that are followed in that particular region or affected area. This exposes us to the vulnerability of our building codes and incompetent … Continue reading “How to Make Earthquake-Resistant Buildings in India”