4 Most-Commonly Used Construction Materials in India

Materials play a significant role when you are designing a house or a commercial structure. It is the materials that ensure the durability of the structure, irrespective of whether it’s a residential or a commercial project. Therefore, whenever you construct a building, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the materials you are using. … Continue reading “4 Most-Commonly Used Construction Materials in India”

Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel

Steel is one of the most significant construction materials used across industries. It dominates our everyday life. From refrigerators to automotive spare parts to surgical scalpels and what not, steel is used in almost every aspect of our living. Though the nature of steel is altered subject to specific purposes, the strength and durability attribute … Continue reading “Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel”

Top 3 Industries for Steel Applications

Steel is one of the most premium metals used in the construction and manufacturing industry. It boasts of a wide array of industrial applications. From stainless to flat carbon products, the uses of steel are varied and versatile. Plus, its superior strength, repeated recycling quality and fairly low production costs make it an ideal and … Continue reading “Top 3 Industries for Steel Applications”