Smart Cities and India’s Construction Industry

Indian has been witnessing rapid transformation technologically and the ongoing government-backed smart cities initiative has added a boost to the shift. In the truest sense, the smart cities are likely to enhance the living standards of the citizens by leveraging cutting-edge data and interactive technologies by managing civic resources and assets efficaciously. The smart application … Continue reading “Smart Cities and India’s Construction Industry”

Home Designing: Trends to Follow in 2019

Want to give a fresh boost of style to your home? For that, you don’t have to give your house a full-fledged makeover. Updating old fixtures, applying a fresh coat of paint or buying some new furniture will probably do the work. Below, we have jotted down a few of the best home design trends … Continue reading “Home Designing: Trends to Follow in 2019”

Top 5 Home Designing and Renovation Trends 2019

Are you a homeowner? Or involved in buying and selling of properties? If yes, then you must be interested in knowing the latest trends dominating the home designing and renovation market. We’ve rounded up five latest home design trends to watch out in 2019. However, keep in mind that every trend doesn’t work for every … Continue reading “Top 5 Home Designing and Renovation Trends 2019”

3D Printing Technology Used in Indian Construction Industry

Do you hail from the millennial generation? Yes? Then, you must be aware of two significant technology-induced events that altered the dimensions of the construction industry. They are an iconic 3D Concrete Printing Facility in Netherlands and a stellar 26.3-meter bridge in Shanghai, China. Now, you must be wondering why are we discussing them if … Continue reading “3D Printing Technology Used in Indian Construction Industry”

Trends and Challenges of the Indian Steel Industry

There is no doubt that the consumption of steel in India will swell up, because modern generations are seeking a better quality of life. The rate of steel consumption serves as an index of the quality of life in a nation. That said; let’s look into some of the current trends and challenges of the … Continue reading “Trends and Challenges of the Indian Steel Industry”