Advanced Technologies and the Automation of the Ever-evolving Construction Industry

Civil engineers and construction workers have become familiar with an expansive array of cutting-edge technologies, such as artificial intelligence, Virtual/Augmented Reality, Internet of Things and robotics. We know this, but what we don’t know is how these technologies combine and work together. TeleRobotics Let’s begin our discussion with teleoperation: the technique of controlling a machine … Continue reading “Advanced Technologies and the Automation of the Ever-evolving Construction Industry”

Steel and its Varied Uses in Industries

Iron has been there with us since time immemorial and is still one of the most useful metals known to mankind. However, long since they discovered metal, men gradually learned the art of combining metals to come up with useful alloys. Steel is one such beneficial alloy and is in fact, among the earliest alloys … Continue reading “Steel and its Varied Uses in Industries”

Sustainable Construction in India: Caring for the Future!

India spends huge in construction. It is among the top ten nations of the world in terms of the annual expenditure in construction. In cement manufacturing, India produces around 250 million tons of cement, heading just after China in this segment. Moreover, the report “Global Construction 2020” asserts that India will be the third-largest country … Continue reading “Sustainable Construction in India: Caring for the Future!”

The Building Materials: A Round-Up

All of the materials that are used in construction can be termed as building materials. These include cement, TMT bars from the best steel manufacturing companies, sand, brick, clay and aggregates, to name a few. Nevertheless, when it comes to construction, the quality of the materials is of paramount importance. Hence, you should always opt for reputed … Continue reading “The Building Materials: A Round-Up”

The 3D Printing Technology is Here: Dive Into it Now!

Innovation and development are on a high rise in the time that we are living. Regardless of the place you are located or the field you are working in, you can spot development all around your town. This goes the same with the construction industry, which is also sailing on the tides of the time. … Continue reading “The 3D Printing Technology is Here: Dive Into it Now!”