3D Printing Technology Used in Indian Construction Industry

3D Printing Technology Used in Indian Construction Industry

Do you hail from the millennial generation? Yes? Then, you must be aware of two significant technology-induced events that altered the dimensions of the construction industry. They are an iconic 3D Concrete Printing Facility in Netherlands and a stellar 26.3-meter bridge in Shanghai, China. Now, you must be wondering why are we discussing them if they don’t belong to India?!

Well, the thing is that even though they didn’t happen in India, their impact can be felt here. These two events have set new standards for Indian real estate as well. Technology is playing a key role in today’s construction industry. Quite interestingly, the real estate sector is where changes don’t occur frequently. It takes years to implement innovative strategies in the industry. So, things take time to happen here. Nevertheless, real estate was quick to embrace 3D Printing Technology. It is believed to reduce costs and time of constructing a building while ensuring safety and strength.

Several potent construction bigwigs are realizing the potentials of 3D technology and its impact on the future of the real estate. By 2021, the market of concrete 3D Printing is expected to hit $56.4 Million. More and more businesses are looking towards innovative projects in the future. Hence, the popularity and development of concrete 3D printing are bound to rise and for all the good reasons.

3D Printing in India

“3D printing of concrete gives a new dimension to construction. This technology can best meet the complex demands of modern architecture with concrete,” says Professor Manu Santhanam from IIT Madras. Recently, he along with other faculty members and alumni from IIT-M came up with India’s first 3D Printing Technology. With a team effort, they have successfully built a 3D structure, which was launched by Tvasta Manufacturing Solutions. The latter has been working tirelessly with numerous stakeholders from the construction industry to enhance the importance and suitability of 3D Printing Technology in the Indian building industry.

Generally, the technology is based on four attributes – raw material, software, printer and delivery system. The material that is used is a specifically designed concrete. This material has been designed following the need for simple extrusion through the 3D printer. “We will also be working on natural materials — such as stabilized soil — or alternative cementing materials — such as geopolymers — in the future,” the team said.

The team also claims that with this revolutionary technology, they can build a 350-sq feet house within a week at a relatively less cost as compared to a traditional house. The technology slashes time-taken in construction and makes houses more durable keeping safety at paramount importance. Adding in, they have even built 3D Printing Laboratory, known as IIT Madras Printability Lab to bring into existence such a laudable product. It took three years to develop the product.

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