4 Most-Commonly Used Construction Materials in India

4 Most-Commonly Used Construction Materials in India

Materials play a significant role when you are designing a house or a commercial structure. It is the materials that ensure the durability of the structure, irrespective of whether it’s a residential or a commercial project.

Therefore, whenever you construct a building, it’s imperative that you pay close attention to the materials you are using. Below, we are happy to share the most common materials you would need to complete any construction project. Take a look and note down as well.


Bricks are regarded as a core material in the construction industry. Specifically, fired bricks are the most common type of brick used to construct homes. They feature cavities, which helps them in drying. Also, these cavities are the reason why they are so light in weight. During the construction process, these bricks are lined upon each other and tightened with the mix of sand and cement that are used to create ceilings, walls and several other architectural details.

FYI – The bricks are basically composed of mud, clay or some ceramic materials, which are then roasted in a kiln and left to dry so that they become hard and extremely durable.


For binding construction materials, cement is the one key material that has no substitute. It is used extensively to bind together substances like bricks and TMT rods that would result in building a strong structure withstanding the test of time.

In this respect, cement can be of two types- hydraulic and non-hydraulic. This segregation is largely dependent on the capacity of the cement to set with water. As a matter of fact, hydraulic cement features adhesive properties and very easily sets with water, even under wet circumstances, whereas non-hydraulic cement shows restraints settling under wet conditions. This is why hydraulic cement is widely used in constructing homes and other structures.


In simple terms, concrete is a fine combination of aggregates or rocks combined together with cement paste / fluid cement that is left to harden over time. If you ask me, the most popular type of concrete you come across the construction industry is Portland cement concrete, which is prepared mixing gravel, cement, sand and water. Once they are mixed proportionately, the amalgam is left to solidify and the end result is known as ‘concrete’.

As it has lower tensile strength, construction workers often end up using the best TMT bars India or re-bars with concrete to strengthen up. No wonder, concrete is extremely durable and exhibits higher longevity.

TMT Bars

TMT Bars are intrinsic construction elements. They are developed using incredible processes that include rolling, compression, and heat treatment followed by quenching (that is done by using water). The last step is the most crucial. It results in hardening the outer layer and providing the bars with incomprehensible strength and durability. Its tough ribbed exterior aids it to bond with the cement, which then firmly supports the foundation of the building, while its incredible bending ability lets it mould in desired shapes and forms. Also, the bars are completely corrosion-resistant and earthquake-resistant.

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