6 Reasons Why TMT Bars are Essential Construction Materials

6 Reasons Why TMT Bars are Essential Construction Materials

TMT bars, or thermo-mechanically treated bars, are indispensable materials in most types of construction projects. Their excellent strength, earthquake-resistant quality and superior bonding properties with concrete are some of the reasons why these bars are vital components of buildings. Hence, buyers must always ensure that they’re purchasing goods from a reputed TMT bar manufacturer, guaranteeing high standards of quality.

Now, let’s take a look at these 6 key reasons that make TMT bars the backbone of construction globally.

High ductility: In comparison to regular reinforcement bars, the strength of TMT bars is much higher. There are several grades of TMT bars, like Fe-415 and Fe-550. Higher the grade, stronger is the TMT bar. In a developing country like India where construction projects are widespread, TMT bars manufacturing is an essential activity. MSP Group, one of the leading steel manufacturers in India, provides premium TMT bars, ensuring a solid foundation for the structures of new India.

Ability to withstand fatigue: TMT bars are built in way that enables them to tolerate a high-degree of stress. A soft inner core is surrounded by a tough outer core, providing TMT bars superior shock absorption properties as well as good bending and re-bending features. These qualities are crucial for construction in earthquake-prone areas; hence TMT bars are extremely popular in the construction of earthquake-resistant buildings.

Outstanding weldability: Modern construction requires a high-degree of innovation and creativity. Having great weldability, TMT bars allow architects and engineers a lot of flexibility in terms of incorporating new designs, without compromising with the quality of the structure.

Manufactured using special Tempcore technology: Tempcore technology is the secret behind the corrosion-resistant quality of TMT bars. Unlike steel bars of the past, TMT bars are never put through any twisting motion during construction. Hence, TMT bars are deficient in residual stress. In addition, water- cooling during the quenching process prevents the formation of bristly carbides, which is the trigger for the corrosive process in future. Owing to this careful manufacturing process, TMT bars never develop rust even though they come in contact with a lot of moisture during construction.

Fire resistant: Another unique quality of TMT bars – they can tolerate extreme levels of heat, enabling them to endure fire hazards. Due to this built-in capability to survive fire accidents, TMT bars are preferred in the construction sector.

Cost effective: if you’re using TMT bars instead of conventional bars, you’re actually saving around 20% of steel. On top of that, TMT bars offer 20% stronger structure, although the amount of steel is the same. This brings down the production cost; hence the market price of TMT bars is much lower.

These important features make TMT bars the number one choice in all types of building projects. But we recommend that you always verify the quality before selecting a particular brand of TMT bars.


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