7 Key Characteristics of TMT Bars India

7 Key Characteristics of TMT Bars India

Thermo-Mechanically Treated Bars, also known as TMT Bars are strong reinforcement bars with a tough outer core and a soft inner core. They feature high tensile strength, high ductility and anti-corrosion properties. The design of the bars is unique too. The process of manufacturing TMT Bars combines mechanical deformation (including rolling, forging and compression) and thermal processes (including quenching, heat-treatment and more).

Below, we have penned down a set of key characteristics of TMT Bars. Scroll through!

  • TMT Bars are ductile. They are available in different grades. Fe- 415, Fe- 500 and 550 are some of the most popular variants. TMT bars feature more strength and resilience than other reinforcement bars. The higher the grades, the more strength they behold. This is one of the reasons why big construction projects seek high-grade TMT bars for building structures.

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  • All TMT Bars are thermal-resistant. Owing to this property, we can say all TMT bars can survive fire hazards. Hence, they have the power to withstand extreme heat, thus making them the most preferred choice in the encompassing construction industry.

  • Want to reduce construction costs? Buy TMT bars. As compared to other conventional bars, TMT Bars help you save nearly 20% of total steel consumption. Adding in, TMT bars ensure 20% mightier structure using the same amount of steel. Automatically, this pulls down the overall production cost of TMT Bars.

  • TMT bars are so powerful that they can withstand deadly natural calamities, including earthquakes and floods. They feature amazing shock-absorption quality. Moreover, they reflect incredible bending/ re-bending property – making them an ideal choice of construction in earthquake-prone regions.

We would also like to mention that TMT Bars feature soft ferrite-pearlite core, which makes them capable enough to withstand extreme pressure conditions.

  • Did you know that TMT Bars have outstanding weldability? Yes and owing to this property, civil engineers and architects enjoy the liberty to explore designs and experiment with structures without worrying about the strength and quality of the bars.

  • The production process of TMT Bars is unique and interesting. Throughout the mechanism, the materials are processed in a way that it makes the bars anti-corrosive. Also, the bars are for long exposed to moisture improving their corrosion-resistant properties. Talking about traditional reinforcement bars, they hardly feature any anti-corrosive properties. Hence, they are susceptible to rusting, which in turn makes the structures weak and unsafe.

  • Lastly, TMT Bars exhibit higher elongation power. It means the chance of inflicting damage to the structure is barely minimum in the event of earthquakes. Therefore, you should always look for bars that have greater elongation power; they will keep your building strong and safe.

Building a house of your dreams is one of the best moments of your life! Don’t turn it into a nightmare by using low-quality products. Safety of your house is of utmost priority. Secure that with superior TMT Bars India.


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