A Guide to Move in Safely: Essentials to Verify With Before you Step in your New Home


You might have always dreamt of constructing a new property for yourself and it seems now that the time has arrived and you are all set to move into your new house. But, are you all prepared for it?

Often people have noted that after they have shifted to a new house, problems have multiplied, which wouldn’t even have developed in the first place, if they were a little more careful in examining certain things beforehand.

Therefore, this guide, from the renowned TMT bar manufacturers in India, would be of huge aid to those who consider “prevention is better than cure” is quite valid, even when it comes to switching homes.

Priority points that you should glance at before moving in

If you invest a bit more of your time right at the beginning, you would never regret it, when it comes to moving in to your new place of residence.

Here are some vital things that you go through:

Double-check with all of the important papers

Papers are paramount in importance no matter what you do throughout your life. Thus, you must always have the papers which are relevant. They also stand as a proof of your possession, quite significantly, when you are looking to change your place of residence. The must-have papers are:

  • Blueprint of the property.
  • Agreement of development.
  • Letter of possession.
  • Power of Attorney.
  • Commencement Certificate.
  • The advocate letter of the builder.
  • Letter of Allotment.

Check the new house closely

The broker or builder, whoever might have been assigned with the task of negotiating a particular property with you, might get you painted pictures which might ultimately turn out to be manipulated. Thus, it is always recommended to check the property personally inside out.

Look closely for cracks or breaks in the walls, along the floors and corners. Next, scan the area whether it remains damp. Also, scout the floors and the quality of the tiles/marbles that pave it.

Check the doors

Cross examine with the quality of the doors, both with the materials and the construction. Doors should be conveniently opened and shut and most importantly, built out of durable materials.

Inspect the Gas

As the cooking gas come in a pipeline, it is very important that you should get the line minutely checked to avoid any further worries.

Last but not least, if you want to ensure a comfortable living, you should always opt for the best TMT bar manufacturer. Thus, providing you the ultimate sense of security and satisfaction.


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