5 Construction Site Safety Tips to Ensure Workers Stay Safe and Healthy

Accidents in construction sites are inevitable. The threat to the health and wellbeing of workers come from numerous sources – like, equipment failure, exposure to toxic substances, electrocution, working at heights and more. If you follow newspaper reports, you will discover that more than 77 deaths have taken place between 2012 and 2015, though these … Continue reading “5 Construction Site Safety Tips to Ensure Workers Stay Safe and Healthy”

Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel

Steel is one of the most significant construction materials used across industries. It dominates our everyday life. From refrigerators to automotive spare parts to surgical scalpels and what not, steel is used in almost every aspect of our living. Though the nature of steel is altered subject to specific purposes, the strength and durability attribute … Continue reading “Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel”

Use of Steel in the Automotive Industry

Steel is one of the most common materials used in the automobile industry. The wide usage of steel has helped automobile manufacturers achieve a certain standard and quality in terms of strength, safety and average life expectancy for their vehicles at comparatively lower costs as compared to other materials. However, steel manufacturing companies have for … Continue reading “Use of Steel in the Automotive Industry”

How to Make Earthquake-Resistant Buildings in India

Earthquakes are devastating. They cause tremendous damage to lives and properties; the culprit mostly being inadequate construction norms and procedures. The extent of damage during an earthquake depends largely on the construction practices that are followed in that particular region or affected area. This exposes us to the vulnerability of our building codes and incompetent … Continue reading “How to Make Earthquake-Resistant Buildings in India”

Top 3 Industries for Steel Applications

Steel is one of the most premium metals used in the construction and manufacturing industry. It boasts of a wide array of industrial applications. From stainless to flat carbon products, the uses of steel are varied and versatile. Plus, its superior strength, repeated recycling quality and fairly low production costs make it an ideal and … Continue reading “Top 3 Industries for Steel Applications”

Present scenario of steel market in India

Introduction India was the world’s third-largest steel producer in 2017. The growth in the Indian steel sector has been driven by domestic availability of raw materials such as iron ore and cost-effective labour. Consequently, the steel sector has been a major contributor to India’s manufacturing output. The Indian steel industry is very modern with state-of-the-art … Continue readingPresent scenario of steel market in India

Five Points to select the best TMT bar

How to Buy TMT bars? Building a home is one of the biggest decisions you will ever take in your life. Naturally, you cannot afford to take any part of it lightly. You need to hire a reputed architect and make sure the mason and labourers working on the construction are knowledgeable and experienced. However, … Continue readingFive Points to select the best TMT bar

Steel Wonders of India- Konark Temple

The Konark Sun Temple is one of the famous tourist attractions in Odisha. It is a humongous temple dedicated to the Sun God. It is one of the wonders as it was constructed in the 13th Century and yet had iron beams. The biggest iron beam is 35 feet long with a girth of 36 … Continue readingSteel Wonders of India- Konark Temple

Wonders of India

Howrah Bridge is one of most famous landmarks of West Bengal, India. When commissioned in 1943, it was the 3rd largest cantilever bridge in the world and today, it is still counted among the 10 largest cantilever bridges of the world. A cantilever bridge is the one built using cantilevers, structures that project horizontally into … Continue readingWonders of India


If you have ever been to Qutub Minar in Delhi, you’ll notice on the forefront of the Minar a lone pillar, nearly 24 feet tall, standing in all its glory. This pillar is made of 98% wrought iron and weighs more than 6 tons. You may think it is a random, pretty looking pillar with … Continue readingSTEEL WONDERS OF INDIA- IRON PILLAR