Check Out Some Interesting Facts About Steel!

Check Out Some Interesting Facts About Steel!

Long gone are the days when iron was the only metal which was exploited to the utmost. Steel is perhaps the most used metal all around the world for a couple of decades now. However, we hardly have a wholesome knowledge of steel. Therefore, here the Top TMT bar manufacturers India brings you a handful of lesser known facts about steel.

Facts about Steel that would get you Hooked

Here you can head on to an array of points about steel which would amaze you:

  • If you are really concerned about Global Warming and the alarming climatic change, which you rather should be, then steel is probably the best option that can wonderfully fit in your bucket list.

In case of steel, not even a single property of the metal is lost after it is recycled. Thus, you can reuse and recycle steel as many times you want without sacrificing an iota of its properties.

  • The Second Hooghly Bridge or Kolkata’s longest bridge is built entirely using none other than steel pylons. The weight of the structural steel in total is estimated to be more than 13,000 tonnes.

  • Did you know that the famous Eiffel Tower expands about 6.75 inches just due to thermal expansion? Science is true after all!

  • Steel is at least 1,000 times stronger than iron. Now, you perhaps have the answer why the invention of steel was inevitable!

  • The main drive in the path of the renewal energy: solar, water and wind, comes from steel.

  • If you ever have wondered about the revenue which steel garners for the companies involved in it, then this result will shock you!

If you look at the total turnover of the steel industry, you would be stunned that it roughly fetches an amount of $900 billion. Thus, it makes the steel industry the second largest in the globe, standing just after the oil and gas.

  • India is the second largest producer of steel worldwide, according to the recent reports after China. India has replaced Japan to hike up its position.

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