Home Designing: Trends to Follow in 2019

Top 5 Home Designing and Renovation Trends 2019

Want to give a fresh boost of style to your home? For that, you don’t have to give your house a full-fledged makeover. Updating old fixtures, applying a fresh coat of paint or buying some new furniture will probably do the work.

Below, we have jotted down a few of the best home design trends 2019 that are easy to follow and implement. Hope this will help you design the house of your dreams!

Back to Nature

If you follow news and updates, you will find that nature and environment are being given their due importance. And home designing and construction domain are no different. Natural stones, like marble and granite, are being used extensively followed by concrete and metal components. Be it on feature walls or lampshades, you will find such structures enhancing the minimalist ambience further.

Floral Prints

Compared to 2018, floral prints have gone bolder. Used in wallpapers and furnishings, the prints are now bigger in size and in brighter shades. They become the focal point of your room. Add them on your bathroom walls to break the monotony of muted shades or throw them as cushions in your living room.

Richer Colors

Décor drama is the punch line of this year! The neutral color palette is no more the in-thing. Instead, gravitate towards bolder hues and richer shades. Sunflower yellow, shocking pink, bright red and natural green are some common colors used as accents in contemporary interiors. However, don’t forget to contrast these brighter colors with neutral colors to balance off the effect.


The black and white combination is eternal. The best thing about incorporating monochrome is that one can use it for creating any kind of look, be it bold or muted. It appeals to everyone irrespective of one’s taste or preference.

Concrete Accents

Concrete is common in modern houses – either for flooring or used on countertops. However, this year raw, unfinished concrete look is what’s catching the limelight. You will find crude concrete on table tops and other fixtures. So, be ready to see more of it!

Chandeliers, Sconces and Pendant Lights

Vintage lighting is back! Just when we thought we are all done with recessed lighting, metallic lights (in brass and copper) made a brilliant comeback. Expect sconces, chandeliers and pendant lights. They will add variations to the other matte finish creating beguiling effects.


Miles apart from the minimal trend, posh furnishings are to become popular. Luxurious fabrics, such as velvet are likely to win hearts. Use them on your sofa or in the bedroom; they will infuse sophistication and bring effortless style to your room.

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