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Evolution of RCC - Steel Reinforced Concrete

Since the beginning of the human civilization, shelter had been of prime importance as a basic need. Human being looked for primitive to modern shelters for its safety, security and need for rest after daylong struggle for existence. And thereafter gradually, with the improvement in the quality of lives, geography, availability of local materials, the shelter evolved from tree branches, cave and mud/stone houses to modern age residences – log bridges evolved to massive modern bridges and many more. 

In the earlier days all constructions were wholly masonry based, uses of thick walls, massive columns, buttresses and arches were the prime building methods or components. These were basically to mitigate the deficiencies of masonry structures against tensile/bending forces. During those historic days most of the masonry construction was sponsored by financially elevated class like Emperors, Kings and landlords of various stature. But desire for residing in “PUCCA” building / shelter remained as an universal desire for all human being, irrespective of their financial stratification in the social pyramid.

With increased need and desire to build a house with limited resources, trend of building largest house in smaller plot of land emerged. Thicker walls etc were not affordable from both the angles of land area and cost. Therefore the need of sleeker construction developed and scientists started exploring the way out.

To compensate the deficiency of masonry structures against tensile forces, mild steel bars found it’s utility to make the structures strong and sleek. Concept of RCC(Reinforced cement concrete evolved. François Coignet was the first to use iron-reinforced concrete as a technique for constructing building structures. In 1853, Coignet built the first iron reinforced concrete structure, a four-story house in the suburbs of Paris. His descriptions of reinforcing concrete suggests that he did not do it for means of adding strength to the concrete but for keeping walls in monolithic construction from overturning. Thereafter, In 1854, English builder William B. Wilkinson reinforced the concrete roof and floors in the two-story house he was constructing. His positioning of the reinforcement demonstrated that, unlike his predecessors, he had knowledge of tensile stresses.

Before the 1870s, the use of concrete construction, though dating back to the Roman Empire, and having been reintroduced in the early 19th century, was not yet a proven scientific technology. Mr. T Hyatt, published a report entitled An Account of Some Experiments with Portland-Cement-Concrete Combined with Iron as a Building Material, with Reference to Economy of Metal in Construction and for Security against Fire in the Making of Roofs, Floors, and Walking Surfaces, in which he reported his experiments on the behavior of reinforced concrete. His work played a major role in the evolution of concrete construction as a proven and studied science. 

Mr. E L. Ransome, an English engineer, was an early innovator of reinforced concrete techniques at the end of the 19th century. Using the knowledge of reinforced concrete developed during the previous 50 years, Ransome improved nearly all the styles and techniques of the earlier inventors of reinforced concrete. Ransome's key innovation was to twist the reinforcing steel bar, thereby improving its bond with the concrete. In April 1904, Julia Morgan, an American architect and engineer, who pioneered the aesthetic use of reinforced concrete, completed her first reinforced concrete structure.

In 1906, the National Association of Cement Users (NACU) published Standard No. 1 and, in 1910, the Standard Building Regulations for the Use of Reinforced Concrete. 

How steel reinforcement helps – a concrete is nothing but an artificial stone, manufactured by man, binding fragments of natural rocks with cement. Any concrete or natural rocks are very strong in compression but very weak under tensile of bending loads. To overcome this shortcoming of concrete, engineers, leveraged the favourable tensile properties of mild steel, introduced MS round bars / rods in the tensile zones of concrete members. Off late twisted MS bars are being used in 100 out of 100 structures for its better bonding with the concrete. Twisted MS bars – TMT or HYSD enabled engineers to design mind blowing unique structures with high strength, durability, sleek and aesthetic, which probably were unthinkable before the start of usage of reinforcing steel.

There are a lot of steps that are involved in building your dream home. TMT bars are one of the most essential materials used in the home building process in India. They are durable with a high tensile strength that helps to create a concrete structure that stays strong for a lifetime. Hence, they are reliable and preferred mostly for all kinds of construction works. TMT bars ensure stability, durability, longevity and safety to the structures that are to be created.

Here are few essential factors that one needs to keep in mind before buying

TMT Bars in Chhattisgarh

1. Grade Check :

There are three grades of TMT steel bars that one needs to keep in mind – Fe 415, Fe 500 and Fe 550. Higher the grade of the TMT Bars, greater is the strength. But with higher grades, the ductility may reduce, which is not suitable for places which are prone to earthquakes. Lower grade TMT Bars has lesser strength and much higher flexibility whereas higher grade TMT bars have more strength and lesser flexibility.

2. Reputation Check :

It is very important to check the reputation and brand value of any product we are willing to buy especially the right TMT bars. Checking BIS certification and its brand reputation is very important. It is always advisable to go for reputed brands having the proper certification. ISO certifications ensure the quality and durability of any product that we are willing to buy.

3. Cost Check :

With good quality, the cost of any product increases. Price plays a very important role, when it comes to purchasing any product. Regarding TMT Bars, one must compare the rates and price with other brands and choose the best accordingly. MSP TMT Bars are one of the most cost-effective TMT Bars in Chhattisgarh and quite obviously are a preferred choice.

4. Process check :

While buying bars, customers always prefer a manufacturer who would use the latest technology. There is a constant change in the advancement of science and technology. Every day there is an evolvement in the manufacturing process, so the quality and technique used in the manufacturing of TMT Bars is one of the most important factors that the buyer needs to keep in mind. Mr. MSP can always help you with his unique tips in this respect.

TMT bars are usually exposed to the outer environment. The buyer should also ensure that it is corrosion-resistant. MSP TMT bars pass through various corrosion tests and have proved to be being the most corrosion resistant than other TMT Bars.

When searching for TMT Bars in Chhattisgarh, one must find the right balance of strength & flexibility, so much so, that it can absorb extra shock during an earthquake and keep the building from not being uprooted. See this video to find out more and know what Mr. MSP is saying to the home buyers.

5. Satisfaction Check :

The customer needs to be aware of the product that they are willing to purchase. Homebuilding is a lifelong process and any mistake may lead to a huge loss in a later stage. By choosing MSP Steel, you can ensure that the entire process is smooth and all the doubts raised by the customers are met.

MSP TMT Bars ensure that the TMT Bars are earthquake-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and are durable. We understand the different types of requirements needed in different types of constructions. We have been in business for many years and we know how to keep our brand value intact by doing, what we believe in.

For more information about buying the right TMT bars, check out the exclusive content from our YouTube channel.

Have you met Mr.MSP? If the answer is no, then allow me to Introduce him to you.

He is very helpful and a genuine ‘Do-Gooder’. He actually very effectively corrects the ills in your approach towards home building. A very humanitarian being who would make you wiser about the home construction plan you have.

For instance, he will tell you that by using MSP TMT bars you can make your home earthquake resistant. The reason is that these bars provide long lasting strength in the core elements for construction of a building.

Mr.MSP the humanitarian is also very concerned about your safety. So he will also tell you about the cutting-edge technology called “Thermex” with which MSP TMT bars are manufactured. This technology makes these bars extremely durable which, in turn makes your dream home very safe to live in.

He wants you to save money. So he will inform you that by using MSP TMT bars you can reduce your construction costs by approximately 18%.

Mr. MSP will also tell you that MSP TMT bars deliver massive strength to the foundation and pillars of your building. That’s because the technology enhances the strength and the load is evenly distributed across the TMT bar and results in excellent grip in concrete.

The quality of TMT bar is always synonymous with the quality of construction, so you’ll come to know from him that people working at MSP Steel strive to give you TMT bars with very good ductility, bendability, maximum strength and high durability. In short, you get the best quality.

MSP TMT bars are absolutely corrosion resistant. Mr. MSP will advise you to use these bars for your dream house because he knows that they will make it corrosion proof and everlasting.

So the crux of the matter which he wants you to know is that since TMT bars are the core components of any construction, choosing the best brand will only help you to build the most solid foundation for your dream home. It’s very easy. Just choose MSP TMT bars.

At MSP Group we have everything that it takes to become a builder of a nation’s tomorrow. Whether it is most modern infrastructure or high quality strong and durable products or a futuristic vision- they have it all. Today we are an 1800 crore conglomerate. Setting high standards and fondly acknowledged as a nation builder with the help of a great workforce, excellent product quality, ultramodern infrastructure and high-tech manufacturing processes.  

Now Mr. MSP wants you to note some additional properties of MSP TMT bars for which they are famous for:

1. Better metallurgical properties due to perfect temperature control system.

2. Tensionless rolling and an automatic system ensures a perfect  roundness and precise shape.

3. They are fire resistant due to their high thermal stability.

4. Since they have less than 0.25% carbon content , their weldability is high too. No loss of strength at the weld joints.

5. They have higher bonding strength with concrete because of their precise and uniform rib pattern. This increases the strength of the structure and ensures it’s longer life.

6. Due to their special and distinctive scientific manufacturing process these bars show absolutely no brittleness during welding or any other construction procedure.

7. Accurate and precise weight of the bars is achieved by Gauge Control System which automatically controls the gauge of the bars. With these Mr. MSP would like to wish all of you good luck.

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Intending to build a new home?

Here are the top most important questions to ask your builder

Before beginning the search for a new home, one should realize the amount they can spend. New home buyers look for new home construction that would help them. They usually want their taste and choice to be noticed. The home must be brand sparkling new, fresh, and clean.  While looking to build a new home, individuals frequently ask themselves questions like what are their key necessities. Notwithstanding, there's one key choice to make before all the others: Which builder to work with?


New home

Making a Choice

If you’re planning to build your new home, choosing which builder you need to work with is a huge deal. The choice needs to be for someone who has done projects before and works efficiently. Someone whom you could trust and can evaluate your dreams and make it to reality. Studying the builder’s portfolio is the utmost essential thing to do. It is usually preferable to go with someone who has goodwill in their name and has years of trust and experience with their customers. Before making a choice one needs to ask questions like “How many years have you been in business, and how many homes have you built? Are you licensed and insured? Checking the reviews would be an add-on before you make your decision.

For example, when it comes to selecting the right TMT bar, a brand like MSP Steel becomes a preferred choice. A top-class manufacturer of TMT Bars, MSP Steel offers the best TMT bar solutions to aid the home-building process.

Photo 3


Once you’ve set your mind with the assured and reliable builder, communicate and put forward your needs. Ask every possible question that strikes your mind. The most common questions would be “Can I showcase my own set of plans?”, “Would you be able to give me references from the past homebuyers?” “What could be the final cost of this project?” “Who would be the supervisor of this project? “What is the safety measure that is to be taken for this construction?” “What are the home warranties you’re offering?”

The Cost Factor

Price is a huge deciding variable that plays a major role in deciding which home builder you will hire. It helps you to understand and estimate the budget you need to keep for making your dream home. Price would mainly depend on quality and services. Go for a reliable builder who gives you a very reasonable rate. By using MSP TMT Bars you can reduce the home building cost by as much as 18%. So always go for a reliable and cost-effective solution. Building a dream house is a once in lifetime process for many. MSP Steel ensures that the foundation of the house is sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions. 

Photo 2

Final Words

You need to ensure who you are consenting to work with. Trusting your gut and your instincts is the final process. Build a good relationship with the builder working for you; understand if they have valued the essence of your needs.


Structural Steel has evolved into an extraordinary being with its capability to mold into diverse patterns, shapes, and forms. Its strength and durability can withstand disastrous calamities inducing it to deliver a powerful base to all of man's necessities. 

Scope of Structural Steel

Scope of Structural Steel

  • Forming a prime point of utility, it has witnessed intractable growth and demand in the marketplace. 
  • With its extensive range of heavy and medium sections formulated into angles, channels, round bars, I-beams and H-beams, it energizes the dreams of billions with a commendable adapting capacity.

Integrity of the material- Structural Steel 

  • There's no doubt about the efficiency and resistance of steel, outlined as a premium material it continues to administer with rust-free perseverance earning its position as a number 1 choice to builders, architects, automotive industry and engineers in ensuring absolute resilience and stability to their designs. 
  • It further endures by procuring optimum results even when built on an unsteady territory. 
  • Stimulating as a powerhouse in building the nation with the erection of reliable and robust bridges, highways and steady roads for flawless connectivity.

Integrity of the material- Structural Steel

Scalability of Structural Steel

With an extended duration of 20 years of guaranteed endurance, it is an ideal input for enormous installations like skyscrapers. It also enriches the lives of billions of agricultural enthusiasts with the ability to shape massive water tanks as well as in the making of gigantic bodies to aid in transmitting produce like tractors.

Pioneers in the field 

One of the Leading Structural Steel Manufacturers in India is the MSP Group, which is marching towards a nation comprising an advanced infrastructure adapted with quality materials. With structural steel BIS 2062-2011 conforming specifications, it aims at promoting superior products with economical pricing. Scoping a large area projected, implemented and proficiently established, it has swapped empty landscapes with reliably assembled modern infrastructure.

With the undertaking of MSP structural steel, one can rest assured, avail of the latest patterns trading utmost credibility. Inferring varied manners of usage, steel is a universal material enforced for the creation of multiple objects like cars, aerospace models, other transportation sectors and more.  MSP structurals with their adequately formulated collection of structural materials identify as the best in the industry in terms of quality and performance with delivery extended 24/7.

Scalability of Structural Steel

Additional Benefits

  • Acting as a vigorous input, structural steel is also lightweight and holds minimal space within the structure of the building, this eases the procedure of constructing towers within a circumference of limited land. 

  • Further, the incompetence of any other concrete material to perform with the same progressions as that of steel lends it a higher position with accelerated demand for consumption. 

Last Thoughts

Topping a cherry to the cake is its accessibility at desirably lowered prices, making it a cost-efficient infrastructure commodity. The costs acquainted with construction shooting up the project with rocket high costs propels it as a downside, however, the implementation of economically priced commodities like structural steel drops down the project cost as a whole.

 It also radiates excellence while balancing the entire edifice with an impressive weight ratio, light yet rigid. It's crystal clear that there can't be any material as versatile as structural steel in the market domain.

Dream houses are painstakingly designed to an individual’s preference and are filled with things suited to their taste. But building a house is not a simple task. Attention must be paid right from choosing the correct TMT bars to selecting the perfect shade of the paint. The common mistakes to avoid while constructing the dream house are mentioned below:

1.  The First Mistake - Not choosing the right plot

People often compromise on the plot location in order to reduce the price of the land. But it is imperative that the dream house has access to clean water, public transport, schools and hospitals nearby. Only 58.2% rural houses and 80.7% of urban households have access to drinking water in their locality. (Source : ).


choosing the correct TMT bars

2. The Second Mistake - Not spending time on planning

An engineer should be hired and layout designs, floor plan etc should be devised before starting the construction. The lifestyle and habits of the customer are taken into account and the house is designed accordingly. Location of the bedroom, kitchen, living room should be decided along with the space allocation for each. This helps in budgeting the house properly. They also save a lot of time because pre-planned houses were built 102% faster. (Source:

3. The Third Mistake – Not Choosing the right TMT Bar:

Building a dream house is a once in lifetime process for many. MSP steel and MSP tmt bars ensure that the foundation of the house is sturdy and can withstand all weather conditions. 

Investing in good tmt bars like ones from MSP,  one of the top TMT bar manufacturers in India will make sure that house is sturdy and can be used by multiple generations. Good quality cement and bricks ensure that you have laid the strong foundation which can stand for ages.


Your Dream House From Turning Into Reality

4. The Fourth Mistake - Last minute changes in planning

Housing plans are made after consultation with an engineer, an interior designer and the contractor for construction. This helps in getting a proper budget quote for the dream house. Making last minute changes in the designs and floor plan can shoot up the budget and potentially ruin the look of the house. Some people tend to cut down the room space in order to save money. This results in poorly ventilated, dark rooms and hallways. Even if there are no changes in plans, it is considered a good practise to set aside some contingency money which can come in handy in case of any unfortunate circumstances.

5. The Fifth Mistake - Not considering the future needs

The customers anticipate their future needs right now and make necessary accommodations for it. Additional rooms and a larger living room should be made available for kids. For pets the plot should have parks and jogging areas in the vicinity. Or the house can be constructed with a good resale value which can be sold and moved out of if there are changes in the family of the individual in future. 

Confused while taking the key decisions regarding building your dream house? Don’t worry; Mr. MSP is here to help. Click here to know more:

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A construction project is a huge venture consisting of different stages. Besides, it is one of the ideas which demand a considerable amount of time to ponder over it before you actually go for it. Moreover, you also need to keep things in your budget because more often than not, an unplanned construction can push you in debt.

It is also important that you do not compromise on the quality of steel manufacturing companies if you are looking for a construction anytime soon. This is because we all want our homes to be safe and durable for the long years ahead. Therefore, we never want it either. However, there are easier and more feasible ways to cut your cost out there.


Budgeting things are difficult and more so when it comes to construction. So, you need to be careful about where to save your money.

We know that you cannot look beyond the best TMT bar manufacturers in India, but there are a lot of other things that you have to keep in mind to reduce your building expenses.

Check them out:


A construction might seem to be a never-ending process but you must be there most of the times. Overseeing things from a distance is good but not the best of the process when it comes to construction.


From the slightest choices of colour and design to the biggest of the decisions, you need to stay there to tailor things according to your dreams.


It’s better to go through the works of a list of contractors before going for a particular one. A good contractor should not only give their best in terms of the product and quality but also suggest exclusive ideas to make things better on site. Most importantly, they should always go with the top TMT bar manufacturers India to build a durable architecture.



Technological advances are one of the biggest assets of this era and it is for the same reason that we consider ourselves to be ahead now than we were any time before. From building equipment to building materials, technology is witnessing a conspicuous rise. The Steel manufacturing companies India have also joined the league and are up for huge achievements in the upcoming years.

Technology sprawls around all of the present industries and construction is one of the prominent industries among them. So, never hesitate to seek technical help when it is available.


The trend of DIY is not only helpful in construction but also a range of other activities. Doing it yourself doesn’t come with any regrets. Apart from saving your precious bucks, doing things yourself would also tailor things according to your wish.



Most of the contractors won’t let you have a grab at the raw materials, their pricing and the unused materials. However, if you have an eye for saving then you can perhaps save the excess materials/leftovers in the future. This will usher cost-effectiveness.

With all this, you always need to remember the best TMT bars Kanpur for an added layer of quality and security in your next construction. The best steel manufacturers in Bhubaneswar is now also available as the Top TMT bar in Lucknow with the selfsame quality. You can also go for the steel manufacturers in Odisha if your project is nearby.

As the novel coronavirus spreads across the globe affecting over 200,000 persons with around 8,700 deaths reported to be caused by the Covid-19, businesses and economies are being adversely affected in an unprecedented manner.

Governments are hurriedly issuing advisories, announcing fiscal packages and banks are assisting in whatever ways they can to curb the fallout of the pandemic on business enterprises.

With China badly hit, all industries the country caters to globally, have also taken a beating. Take for instance the steel industry. Prices in China, which produces over half the world’s steel, have slumped like never before because the epidemic spread from China’s Wuhan.

With few buyers opting to purchase steel from the giant, an inventory has piled up, driving down the prices of steel globally. However, this could play to the benefit of the Indian steel industry in that people are looking for an alternative supply-chain market, especially for the manufacturing and auto components sector.


Steel manufacturers in India are saying that buyers across the globe are choosing not to be dependent on any one country for their purchases. Also, since the impact of the outbreak has been comparatively minimal in India, the steel manufacturing companies in India have not been adversely affected yet. Sectors like steel, housing and agri-businesses are still positive in India, experts say. The Automobile industry is the only one not showing signs of recovery, though it is said to start picking up by the second half of 2021.


The only aspect which remains related to the build-up of inventory in China is whether the stock will be consumed locally or exported. The price of steel has reacted to the build-up the most in South East Asia since there are fears that the stock pile will end up in the markets of South East Asia.

Experts claim that while there has been some pressure on steel prices in Europe and India, the prices have not yet dropped. Prices that could have kept increasing have slowed down in their increase slightly and a bush-pack is being experienced by the steel industry in India.

In fact, by some reports, Indian companies might face a pricing pressure of about $30 a tonne in April, May and June this year, rating agency India Ratings (Ind-Ra) said. However, the impact of the virus on prices can be determined fully only after major manufacturers like Japan, South Korea, and the US reveal how the demand-supply-chain has been affected in their geographies respectively.

The report stated, “China’s local steel demand has reduced drastically in Q120 (first quarter of 2020) creating an increased inventory pile-up of about 20 per cent year-on-year (y-o-y), leading to steel price pressures globally and restricting any major price increases in India over March 2020”. It further stated, “In a pessimistic scenario of the spread of virus going beyond April 2020 up to June 2020, China 2020 steel demand growth and global steel demand growth may be impacted by 200-300bp and 200bp (basis point), respectively”.

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Many may need to flip houses, and for this, one must guarantee that their construction is secure and full of valuable add-ons. Hence, there is nothing like opting for the best steel manufacturing companies India for the other structures/add-ons in the house. It will not only ensure a successful flipping venture but also keep the costs within your limited budget during the construction.

Furthermore, with steel structures, you can keep adding to the assets of your property to look for promising returns in the future. It also adds to the living space of your property. All these you can get tailored without breaking your bank.

If you are planning to construct an asset for flipping houses later on in the future, then you should build the property responsibly. Here you would certainly need financial help. But always remember to make it properly so that it rewards you well. Going for the best Steel manufacturers in India can minimize your worries.

Steel construction can further make the property spacious and also help the guests to stay at the house if needs be. Many may go for a new prefabricated steel granny flat or a cottage at the backyard, thereby keeping the expenses in the budget. You can also go for them in case your house is on the smaller side. Add ons like these will undoubtedly multiply the value of the returns when you flip your home.

You can also look for other steel structures to grab the attention of the potential buyers of home. Construction of sheds and garages out of steel shall help immensely to make your home appear to spread out and, thus, help in attracting the home buyers, increasing the total value of your property.

Security is of utmost importance, and it should be your priority if you are planning to construct a home. Hence, choosing the best TMT bar manufacturing companies is the way to go.

As spring takes a quick exit, enters the summer season. The latter is distinguished for being hot and humid throughout the Indian subcontinent during the daytime, with little respite in the nights. With the warm season intensifying each day and the monsoon being far away, you must be looking to keep your house less of a furnace.

Well, it’s not too difficult a task when it comes to breathing cool even in the hot season. Yes, you can keep your house from being a furnace by using some simple hacks. With your favorite Steel manufacturing companiesyou need not worry a bit.


The summer season can quickly get on your nerves when keeping your cool is the only thing you look for and if you are still confused on how to do it. Then, we show the way here:

Remember – If you are planning to build a new house, then there are two things you need to care for, which are insulation and airing.


Conduction is the most common way that spreads the heat throughout your house. This process distributes heat from one solid body to another without moving. Therefore, to prevent this mechanism from conducting heat, you need to insulate every other joint of your house, like the walls, roof, doors, windows, and other partition walls. Furthermore, you can also cover up the different sections of your home that are exposed to the direct sunlight.


Though the days of summer are notorious for the extreme heat and the noticeable lack of any air flowing, the evenings are quite the opposite. The summer evenings, with the fresh winds blowing in, are often the only respite from the unbearable heat we endure during the day.

Moreover, the breeze in the evening also has the potential to cool the inside of your rooms. Therefore, it’s better to plan for cross-ventilation to let the mercury levels drop down inside for a comfortable night’s sleep. This process is also known as free cooling because it is an inexpensive process of cooling your house, which will also lead to reducing your electricity bills.


If you are planning to reduce the temperatures in the summers, then nothing is as cheap and effective a way as whitewashing the ceilings. You might still be wondering about its benefits, but once you try it, trust me, you won’t regret it a bit!

We hope that with these easy hacks, you can definitely try and keep things in control even when the summer is at its peak. We hope that with the Best TMT bar manufacturers in India, you stay home and stay safe in the season of coronavirus.