Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel

Properties and Interesting Facts about Steel

Steel is one of the most significant construction materials used across industries. It dominates our everyday life. From refrigerators to automotive spare parts to surgical scalpels and what not, steel is used in almost every aspect of our living. Though the nature of steel is altered subject to specific purposes, the strength and durability attribute of steel remains steady and uniform throughout.

Conventionally an alloy of iron and carbon, steel features less than 2% carbon, 1% manganese and little amounts of phosphorous, oxygen, silicon and sulphur. Traditional steels used to have variable carbon content but today contemporary steel doesn’t include more than 2% carbon content – thanks to newer developments and technological innovations!

Properties of Steel:


One of the best-known properties of steel is its unique ability to alter shape without incurring any fracture – when force is applied. This is known as ductility. This is why steel is widely used in the production process of thin wires, panels and automotive components.

Tensile Strength

In simple words, tensile strength is the amount of pressure that a material can withstand before being structurally deformed. Steel is highly resistant to breakage or fracture, thus featuring high tensile strength, which is why it is so often used in the construction and infrastructure industry.


Ductility and malleability share a close bond – the latter lets the steel deform under tremendous compression. The process works by compressing the alloy completely and transforming it into sheets of varying thicknesses. A lot of rolling or hammering is involved.


Known to all, steel is a good conductor of heat and electricity. As a result, you will find its growing presence in our domestic kitchen as well as in house wires. It is largely used in electrical wiring and cooking utensils.


Steel is one of the hardest metals, reflecting its quaint ability to withstand stain. It is not only long-lasting but is also extremely resistant to constant wear and tear. This is why it is considered to be high on durability property.


Talking about physical attributes, steel boasts of a shiny exterior; it is attractive in appearance. With a lustrous exterior, steel looks appealing in all its silvery goodness!


To be precise, stainless steel is made up of molybdenum, nickel and chromium – together they enhance the ability to resist rust. Besides, other types of steel too feature rust-resistant characteristics when added with some other elements.

Little-Known Facts about Steel:

  • Steel was first used to build an automobile in the year 1918.
  • In North America, steel is considered to be the most common recyclable material; more than 69% of steel is annually recycled, which is higher than aluminum, paper, glass and plastic, all combined together.
  • Talking about recycling rates, around 600 steel or tin cans are being recycled each second.
  • The first skyscraper constructed using steel was in the year 1883.

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