Smart Cities and India’s Construction Industry

Smart Cities and India’s Construction Industry

Indian has been witnessing rapid transformation technologically and the ongoing government-backed smart cities initiative has added a boost to the shift. In the truest sense, the smart cities are likely to enhance the living standards of the citizens by leveraging cutting-edge data and interactive technologies by managing civic resources and assets efficaciously.

The smart application is expected to modify civic administration and provisioning utilities, such as water, electricity and sanitation, coupled with guaranteeing efficient management of transport systems and traffic.

As a result, smart structures and buildings have become a primary element of smart cities. Moreover, ecological sustainability is another key ingredient of advanced smart cities. India’s construction industry is thriving. Day by day, it is evolving and embracing robust construction technologies as well as methodologies. Below, we’ve rounded up the three most vital technologies used in constructing sustainable buildings:

Prefabricated Structures

It is a highly advanced technique, where main elements of a building, such as roofs, walls and floors are manufactured in a factory and then assembled on the construction site. Currently, major metro projects, like Bangalore Metro and Delhi Metro use this cutting-edge technology. It’s been reported to save nearly 60% of time in-completion and has reduced costs by almost 15%.

Constructible BIM

Building Information Modeling ensures precision and accuracy. Construction is an intricate process. BIM facilitates formation and management of detailed, accurate and constructible 3D structural models that aid in visualizing a project from its creation till its end. Advanced BIM models have the ability to verify the constructability of a building well in advance and minimize errors, wastage and rework.

Internet of Things

IoT is the future. Though most of the sectors have already realized the true potentials of IoT, the construction industry is yet to join the league. The development of smart structures calls for wholesome automation of structural assets through an improved IoT-enabled system of well-connected sensors.

No wonder, IoT has soaring importance but unless a building is actually used, the value of IoT cannot be completely realized. If there is an anomaly in patterns, it will be instantly detected and building maintenance will be triggered instantly before any mishap takes place. Thanks to IoT, building collapses can be predicted beforehand and even avoided.

As the government is thrusting for robust technology adoption in the construction sector, the responsibility is upon the industry bigwigs how they would welcome this barrage of new-age technologies. The Indian steel industry too plays a major role in here as well as its players.

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