Steel: The Best Building Material of 2019

Steel: The Best Building Material of 2019

It was the 1800s when the first skyscrapers pierced through the skyline of Chicago – and they were made of steel. Since then, steel (an alloy comprising of iron and carbon) has been a key element used in commercial construction. Before that, cast iron was used in place of steel. Later, builders realized that structural steel beams bundled with concrete were structurally more sound and fire resistant than cast iron. They can be safely used to frame high-rise buildings.

Thus, steel became the best building material and the growth of steel industry marked how well a nation’s economy is doing. Interestingly, the use of steel is closely related to the economic health of a country – but, in reality, how true is this statement? Is steel really the best construction material?

Of course, steel offers a wide array of advantages; owing to its strength and durability, steel is considered an attractive construction material. Expect greater stability than wooden structures and brick walls; without buckling, twisting, warping or bending, steel radiates ease of maintenance. Steel is relatively stronger than wood without adding too much weight. Also, unlike wood, steel withstands mildew, mold, termites and fire. In fact, steel buildings have the ability to resist natural disasters to a great extent. This is not to say that wide-scale disaster won’t impact or cause any damage to the structures but the effect will be fairly low as compared to other building alternatives, like wood or brick. What’s more, owing to steel’s quality attributes, architects enjoy more flexibility in terms of designing new spaces and creating incredible structures. 

Till now, we can’t say for sure that we have a strong alternative to steel. Though materials like engineered timber and metal composites are being used in contemporary construction projects, it wouldn’t be prudent to say they are standard replacements to steel. However, steel is becoming expensive day by day. The prices of raw materials used to make steel, such as coal and iron are skyrocketing. This is why the industry is experimenting with different kinds of steel and out of all, TMT steel bars has grabbed the attention of the experts.

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) bars are now considered the backbone of the Indian construction industry. They work by creating a temperature gradient between the cooler surface and the hot inner core – resulting in the formation of a tough outer crust developed by crystalline steel. The soaring temperatures and subsequent twisting and rolling create our microstructures in question the TMT bars. They are cost-effective, extremely durable and amazingly flexible when used in construction. Plus, the best part about them is that they can be easily recycled – without compromising on durability or quality.

As end notes, the Indian steel industry is booming. Steel with its different variants is dominating the commercial and residential construction markets. However, finding reliable TMT bar manufacturing companies is no mean feat. At MSP Steel, we specialize in an encompassing product range while focusing on customer satisfaction. Our best TMT steel bars and ferroalloys exude quality, durability and flexibility.


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