Steel To Abate Operational CO2 Emissions

Steel To Abate Operational CO2 Emissions

Steel has been a significant metal all along the time. It rose to prominence soon after it was discovered. It was iron which dominated the market but with the strength, flexibility and the overall efficiency that steel began to emanate, it didn’t take much time for the later to replace iron. Besides, with the growth of the premium steel manufacturers in India, making the best products easily accessible to the mass, steel is meant to be here for long!

Steel to Battle the CO2 Woes!

The population of the world is estimated to grow around 2 billion people to become 9.5 billion as we reach 2050. This will, in turn, have an impact on the share of population living in the cities, increasing them by 10%, which will eventually make the total figure 68%. 

With the growing population, the buildings, infrastructures and raw materials like steel, would enjoy the peaking demands. On the other hand, the total CO2 emission is also climbing up and it is important to know that construction is responsible for around 28% of the global increase in CO2. However, we can also push the levels of CO2 down without much worry and steel is our way out.

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Steel Brings in Energy Efficiency

It is not a shock that steel is highly efficient in bringing in fresh, renewable sources of energy for us to look beyond the non-renewable ones. For example, steel mountings on the solar panels, solar heat-collectors on the roof, geothermal energy piles etc, all integrate steel in them.

Steel has a Low Thermal Mass

Steel can store and release heat really fast! Therefore, all of us can switch to steel with the help of the Phase Change Materials (PCMs) and maintain the room temperature without wasting much energy.

Steel Seals us Well!

Steel is well-known for its air-tightness. You can switch to steel if you are planning to seal your building/apartment completely. The result will shock you!

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Steel is Sustainable

Steel is a fully recyclable and thus if you are concerned about sustainability then steel is the best way to go.

Apart from all these, we can never deny the usefulness of steel and TMT bars in the construction industry. However, you should always go for the Best TMT bar manufacturers in India for the best results.


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