The 3D Printing Technology is Here: Dive Into it Now!


Innovation and development are on a high rise in the time that we are living. Regardless of the place you are located or the field you are working in, you can spot development all around your town.

This goes the same with the construction industry, which is also sailing on the tides of the time. With the recent 3D Concrete Printing Facility Opened in the Netherlands, the introduction of technology is all the more prominent and progressive for the world.

This is accompanied by another fascinating feat of China, where a 26.3-meter bridge is unveiled a few months ago in Shanghai. These developments out of innovative approaches make it quite clear that technology has its own unique taste for evolution, no matter what sector it is introduced to.

3D Concrete Printing and the Future of the Industry of Construction

Along with the 26.3-meter long bridge in Shanghai, four orders for 3D bridges and 5 other orders for homes built out of 3D prints, were received in a 3D Concrete Printing facility enabled hub in Eindhoven.

This technology is still in its earliest of phases but is considered really promising for ample growth in the near future. So, the days seem pretty near when we will be walking into a concrete structure with a USB stick and walk out with a home.

As the real estate industry is ever open to changes and in fact, embraces them with arms wide open, speculations on how this technology will grow and what impacts it will have on everything are wide. Even if we recall the initial days of steel, it was hugely apprehension. But, later on, with the best steel manufacturing companies India can boast of its brains and the change. 

Among some obvious effects, the 3D Printing technology will:

  1. Impact the Jobs – The most conspicuous thing that we can observe with the introduction of technology is the change in job roles. Moreover, the total number of workers and their wages shall also depend on how this technology is received down the line.
  2. Transform the Established Designs and its Norms – The architects will certainly be enjoying more freedom with the birth of this technology. As 3D printing is fully digitalized, it would make room for the designers to get innovative and bold.
  3. Affect the Overall Cost – As 3D printing is in its nascent stage, it is impossible to declare whether the cost will increase but it is clear that the prices in the construction industry would not be the same.

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