The Building Materials: A Round-Up


All of the materials that are used in construction can be termed as building materials. These include cement, TMT bars from the best steel manufacturing companiessand, brick, clay and aggregates, to name a few.

Nevertheless, when it comes to construction, the quality of the materials is of paramount importance. Hence, you should always opt for reputed companies to get your raw materials from. Moreover, you should also engage a quality planner/architect for the planning of your house and the top-notch builders to ensure that the construction is robust.

However, extensive knowledge is indispensable when it comes to the construction of your house. But don’t worry because here we list you some essential materials used in construction to add to your knowledge.

The Construction Materials at a Glance

If you wonder about the basic materials for building and construction, here they are:


Cement is one of the most useful elements in construction that joins the whole of the construction works. It is the sole binder of your house. They occur in different grades according to the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), which occur as:

  • 33 Grade Cement
  • 43 Grade Cement
  • 53 Grade Cement

53 Grade Cement grade is the most extensively used grade of cement in the construction of today. This is because higher grades are essential when it comes to cement.

TMT Bars

TMT bars are something which cannot be left out when you talk about buildings and construction. These are the structures which lend the rigidity to your building.

The Thermo Mechanically Treated bars are used for almost all of the constructions happening all around the world. These bars combine with RCC and bind the structure together.

Some of the common grades of the TMT bars are:

  • Fe 415
  • Fe 415D
  • Fe 500
  • Fe 500D
  • Fe 500
  • Fe 550D
  • Fe 600

Here “D” denotes the elongation. Among these grades, Fe 500D is the most popular because of the perfect balance that it exudes between Strength and Flexibility. Moreover, with the top TMT bar manufacturers Indiaprepare to get simply the best!

Apart from these, there are several other materials that we will discuss in our next blog. In the meanwhile, you can go through TIPS TO CHOOSE THE BEST TMT BARS INDIA to have commendable knowhow before building your own house. Stay tuned…


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