Top 5 Home Designing and Renovation Trends 2019

Top 5 Home Designing and Renovation Trends 2019

Are you a homeowner? Or involved in buying and selling of properties? If yes, then you must be interested in knowing the latest trends dominating the home designing and renovation market.

We’ve rounded up five latest home design trends to watch out in 2019. However, keep in mind that every trend doesn’t work for every house or family. Use prudence or expert help.

Muted Shades 

White and grey are BASIC. Instead, expect warmer colors and more earthy undertones this year. Softer shades of white are replacing cold drab whites. Subtle shades of gray are also quite popular. In 2019, we are going to witness many cooler grays, such as dove gray as well as tender terracotta.

Want to sell your house? Consider painting your home in neutral colors. It will make your house appear bigger and brighter.

Outdoor Elements

Introducing natural materials into the house can help open up a barren space. A few outdoor elements accentuate contemporary design aesthetics. Modern homeowners are seeking ways to incorporate these items into their homes. Stone, concrete, wood and copper are popular options. It’s no surprise to find agate stone tiles, concrete showers, copper barrels or wooden boxes in different parts of the home. They enhance the ambience of the place.

Vibrant Kitchens

Of course, white is our eternal favorite. Anything in white exudes effortless beauty. However, colors are making their way into the kitchens. Several homeowners are picking cabinets in alternative shades like cream, beige and yellow as well as colorful shades like red and green. Also, wooden cabinets are winning souls!

Adding in, dual-toned kitchen cabinets are bomb. They are one of the best choices if you want to play safe.

Open Shelves

Swap upper kitchen cabinets with more open shelves! It’s not only in trend but also gives a revamped look to your kitchen. Plus, it’s cost-effective. Still, we will suggest you test your options well. It might not suit everyone’s taste. You can take a trial test by keeping your kitchen cabinet doors open for a week and see how it looks! If the display looks fine, you can proceed with this option.

Statement Tiles

The pervasive white subway tile is losing its popularity. This year, the leading trend is to gravitate towards brighter colors, creative textures and abstract designs. Minimalism is the order of the day. Diamonds, hexagons, Moroccan fish scales and arabesques are some of the most common shapes and designs that are gaining popularity. Natural stone, including marble, river rock and quartzite are still in demand. Nevertheless, progress in porcelain tile is being witnessed along with concrete. Both can be passed as attractive and affordable alternatives.

Are you thinking of remodeling your house? Hope this few handy tips will influence the market value of your house.

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