Top 7 Green Materials for Sustainable Construction in India


Whether you are a contractor, a realtor or a resident, chances are you must have heard the term sustainable building or green building. Environment-friendly practices are the need of the hour and the construction industry is no different. Conventional buildings employ resources, generate waste and emit harmful greenhouse gases. Hence, you need to switch to sustainable buildings and work towards saving our planet Earth.

Below, we’ve highlighted top 7 green structure materials that are used for safe, eco-friendly construction. Read on.

Engineered Wood

Known to all, wood is one of the most common building materials used across the globe. However, when we start to process raw timber into wooden planks and boards, we tend to lose a good percentage of wood. In turn, this wastage can be used to create structural portions, such as boards, walls and doors in the form of engineered wood. The latter contains several layers of wood, unlike solid wood.

Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs)

They are made up of two sheets of flake board or oriented strand boards with a foam layer in between them and are available in bigger sizes. Thus, they are mostly used as walls for structural support. They also offer good insulation. However, because of their sheer size, they require heavy equipment for installation.

Earthen Materials

For quite some time now, earthen materials, such as slammed earth and adobe blocks are used for decoration.  Slammed earth is a composition of synthetic shake and is shaped using a blend of rock, soil, sand, sediment and mud. It is mostly used to decorate your place, whereas adobe blocks are chiefly composed of soil, made of mud and straw.

Straw Bale

This is another very effective green building material used as a framing material during construction of buildings. Courtesy: amazing insulating and sound-proof properties. Generally, straw bale is made up of rice, wheat, oats, rye and grain and it has amazing protecting properties. As air cannot pass through them, they are well resistant to fire.

Slate Roofing

Slate is a natural rock and is used to create tiles. These tiles, in turn, boast of high durability and are used on the building roofs. Slate roofing is mostly preferred when it is available locally or at cheap prices.

Grass Crete

Nowadays, Grass Crete structures are quite in news. Who knows, you might have seen it too! Basically, Grass Crete is a strategy in which contractors lay a solid ground surface, like walkways in a way so as to make sure there are ample open spaces on which green patches can be grown. Such initiatives are environment-friendly and help in improving tempest water ingestion.


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