Use of Steel in the Automotive Industry

Use of Steel in the Automotive Industry

Steel is one of the most common materials used in the automobile industry. The wide usage of steel has helped automobile manufacturers achieve a certain standard and quality in terms of strength, safety and average life expectancy for their vehicles at comparatively lower costs as compared to other materials. However, steel manufacturing companies have for long faced intense competition from aluminium and other material producers – because automobile manufacturers around the world has always been seeking ways to reduce the weight of their cars in order to abide by the regulatory norms and requirements.

Urbanization has led to an increase in the production of automobiles. A large number of vehicles are being produced using steel and its variants. But yes, the quality of steel has to be premium and should be strong enough to bear the constant wear and tear – the vehicles plying on the road needs to withstand severe conditions.

Why Steel?

 Steel is well-known for its strength, durability and high endurance abilities. This is why steel is used in manufacturing car bodies – owing to its superior tensile strength and high durability aspect, steel ensures safety and longevity of the vehicle. Put simply, we can say that the presence of steel ensures an influential impact on the encompassing automotive industry.

How Steel Is Used in the Automotive Industry?

Almost each and every part of a vehicle is somewhat made of steel. Below, we’ve compiled a nifty list of important components of a vehicle that are made with steel. Kindly take a look:

Body Frame

To design the frame of a car, steel is used extensively. They help withstand extreme pressure generated by the car. The kind of steel that is used here should be very strong and of the finest quality fulfilling the desirable standards of the vehicle in question. It should feature high tensile strength and competent enough to withstand tremendous pressure and force.

Similarly, steel is generously used in manufacturing bike chassis. The use of steel in bike production promises of adding supreme strength and high-in-built safety. Also, private and public transportation industry depends heavily on the supply of steel. The bus bodies are often made with high-quality steel as it adds weight and strength to the bus as well as has the ability to withstand extreme on-road pressure.

Propeller Shaft

The propeller shafts in vehicles are mostly made up of steel because you need materials that exhibit high torsional rigidity and can take a lot of wear and tear – hence the best option is again steel.

Seat Frame

Whether it’s a car, bike or bus, seat frames are manufactured with steel. It is so because the steel ensures the seats are created in the desired shape, size, comfort and strength.

Exhaust Tubes

The exhaust tubes in automobiles play a crucial role, and yes, they are again made up of steel.

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