Why Steel Is the Future of Construction In India?

Why Steel Is the Future of Construction In India?

The Indian construction industry has drastically evolved since the 1990s – and gleaming steel structures are found cropping up everywhere, especially in the metro cities. The advent of robust technology and new concepts are the reasons behind such huge popularity of steel construction in India.

For years, steel has been the best choice for constructing commercial buildings and industrial warehouses but now it’s foraying into the residential market. However, the trend is still at a nascent stage – though gradually steel is gaining foothold in the residential construction industry in India.

Below, we’ve jotted down the benefits of steel and what’s driving its immense popularity:

Space-saving Ability

One of most coveted features of steel is its ability to amplify internal width and capacity with the slimmest shell possible. It means it can be used in designing smaller structures – so, we suggest instead of building space-consuming brick walls, use steel to overcome spatial challenges. Steel’s incredible spanning capacity and space-saving properties makes it highly relevant for sites that suffer from space constraints, and in India, there are countless such sites.

Recyclable Infinitely

Another striking quality of steel is that it can be recycled as many times as you want – without losing any of its inherent properties! As a matter of fact, if you destroy a steel-framed structure, the severed components of the steel can again be used or re-melted in a closed-loop recycling system for future use. In fact, owing to its magnetic properties, steel gets easily separated from other waste materials, resulting in higher recovery rates as compared to other similar components. Currently, recycled steel accounts for more than 30 per cent of new steel production worldwide.

Thermal Support

Did you even know that perforated steel sheets are widely used by construction giants in India? Yes, they are, steel is used on the exterior of a building – as it lends a unique façade to the structure, along with offering enhanced thermal support and restricts the use of air-conditioning. The input was shared by Rahul Todi, Joint MD, Shrachi Group, a leading real estate conglomerate based in West Bengal.

Earthquake Resistant

Known to all, buildings constructed of steel can withstand a greater level of stress than those built with conventional brick and concrete. As a result, in the event of an earthquake, the steel buildings wouldn’t collapse as easily as traditional structures – the strength and durability aspect of steel is immense and will help keep the building stand strong even during jolts caused during an earthquake.

Today, steel is regarded high as one of the most sustainable materials used in the construction industry. No doubts, steel is extremely durable as well as reusable – that makes it the most preferred choice of construction natives.

Fortunately, Indian steel industry is expanding resulting in the formation of many new-age steel companies in India. One such company is MSP Steel; with a state-of-the-art integrated steel plant, we provide a wide range of steel products that enhance sustainable industrial growth.

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